Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital


About Us

Samitivej Hospital Group and BNH Hospital are part of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS), a trusted healthcare network and the largest medical group in Thailand. BDMS consists of six major hospital groups: Bangkok Hospital, Samitivej Hospitals, BNH Hospital, Phyathai Hospitals, Paolo Hospital and The Royal Hospital.

Samitivej and BNH are now actively expanding to provide regional healthcare networks beyond Thailand. Samitivej and BNH have become renowned throughout Asia for their highly qualified medical professionals and expertise, and are now able to offer the highest standard in medical treatment to an even greater number of patients than ever before.Hospitals under the Samitivej umbrella have been providing international standard medical services for almost 40 years to millions of patients from Thailand, Asia and across the world. Working toward our vision of being the healthcare industry leader in Southeast Asia, we strive to offer our patients the most comprehensive medical care possible by combining the latest medical technology with highly-qualified and experienced doctors working within a fully supportive infrastructure. Dedicated to improving the lives and wellbeing of our patients, Samitivej has been named Thailand’s best corporate medical healthcare provider and Asia’s best hospital for medical tourism. To support the ongoing development of our services and to provide access to world-leading medical technology and innovations, we collaborate with medical institutions from Japan and the U.S.

With a combined total of 750 beds and 1,900 doctors, the seven hospitals of the Samitivej Group treat more than 1.8 million patients per year. Samitivej Children’s Hospital brings together the medical strengths and expertise of Samitivej Sukhumvit and Samitivej Srinakarin. This center of excellence in children’s healthcare aims to become a comprehensive center of world-class pediatric care, specialized in the treatment of complex diseases. Samitivej Children’s Hospital already treats more than 59,000 patients per year from 124 countries, performing more than 1,000 pediatric surgeries annually.In order to provide quality medical treatment for expatriates and foreign dignitaries, a small nursing home called Bangkok Nursing Home (BNH) was founded in 1898 in Bangkok. Operating under the royal patronage of King Rama V and supported by King Rama VI, the clinic quickly earned the trust and respect of the expatriate community. In the 120 years since its founding and as the first international private hospital in the Kingdom of Siam, BNH Hospital has flourished under six reigning monarchs, earning international recognition for its high medical standards.

Despite the passage of time and extensive modernization, BNH Hospital has retained its “nursing home” identity. This special touch has been handed down from generation to generation, while the hospital has developed its medical expertise, especially in maternity care, pediatrics and gynecology. BNH today proudly stands as the leader in women’s healthcare, from prevention to treatment, no matter how simple or complex the condition or procedure. In addition to its highly rated Gynecology Center, BNH has established various other Centers of Excellence that include the Spine Center, Cardiometabolic Center and Emergency Medicine. It is this continual striving for outstanding healthcare performance which sets the hospital apart from others and ensures that BNH to this day delivers a safe and effective treatment and healing experience.