Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital, Peerless , Kolkata


About Us

During the 1950s, an eye specialist couple from a medicinal school in Jaipur occurred

to visit their folks in an ashram in Pondicherry in Southern India.

While crossing the metropolitan city of Madras with around a hundred rupees

in their pockets, they were enmoured by the city’s beauty and chose.

Dr.Agarwal’s Eye Hospital was established by

Late Dr.J.Agarwal (beneficiary of the Padma

Bhushan grant) and his significant other Dr. T.Agarwal in

Chennai, India, in 1957. What was at first an eye

center and their home developed into a cutting edge eye

medical clinic in 1976. The authors utilized their inventive

vision to manufacture the first Agarwal Eye Hospital in the

state of a human eye and it before long turned into a

noticeable milestone on the city map. A long time later,

their extraordinary exertion got worldwide acknowledgment

when it was referenced by the American establishment

“Ripley’s trust it or not”. to make it their home..The leader focus at Chennai before long ended up one of

the head organizations for internationally perceived eye

care and treatment serving patients from around

the nation and past. The Hospital additionally pulled in

specialists from around the globe who needed to learn

from the accomplished groups about the most recent

progresses in eye care.

The foundation brought forth numerous present day

innovations in the field like Glued IOL (to treat

patients with entangled focal point issues) and PDEK

(a ultra-present day type of eye transplants).