Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital - Mumbai


About Us

Aggarwal Eye Hospital was established in 1990 by Dr. Prem Aggarwal. It is a multispeciality eye hospital with world class facilities. The mission of Aggarwal Eye Hospital is to provide complete eye care at affordable cost. This mission is now headed by Dr. Pooja Aggarwal Singhal. The Hospital provides comprehensive patient care, vision enhancement and rehabilitation services under one roof, in the heart of Mumbai. It also pursues cutting edge technology and offers these to the patients at all levels of ophthalmic care. The team comprises of consultants of various subspecialities, qualified optometrists, technicians and staff personnel. Aggarwal Eye Hospital is an ISO 9001 -2008 accredited eye hospital, also certified by FEQH -AMC for quality standards, set by quality control of India (QCI).
Aggarwal Eye Hospital is driven by a single thrust, that is, to provide the best standards of eye care and is committed to achieve and maintain excellence in eye care for the benefit of humanity. It is this passion that has lead to the development of a center for excellence.
True to its founding principles, Aggarwal Eye Hospital has made quality eye care accessible to the people. It has become an institution of trust, and a beacon of hope to so many searching for a cure for their eye ailments.
The legacy of touching and enriching lives stems from the pillars of Aggarwal Eye Hospital philosophy – experience, expertise and excellence. We pride ourselves for constantly being on the cutting edge, and going the extra mile to stay relevant in technology to provide our patients optimum solutions and complete optical care for every eye condition. The precision and refinement of today’s modern Day Eye Care Surgeries enables us to maximize results in treating every patient’s unique eye problem.
In less than three decades, Aggarwal Eye Hospital has grown to become the bedrock of eye care in Mumbai and an institution of trust and clinical excellence.
At Aggarwal Eye Hospital, it is our level of service and eye for detailing in everything that we do, that truly sets us apart and makes us the eye care provider of choice for thousands of patients.




Aims & Objective
Our aim is to be the eye care provider of first choice, be the principal choice for patients, and be committed to follow ethical practices.
It is our core objective to provide high standards of ophthalmic treatment, care and surgery. We aim at optimising the use of technology and infrastructure to benefit all our patients in order to ensure effective results and patient satisfaction and well being



Mission & Vision Statement 
The mission at Aggarwal Eye Hospital is to be a center of excellence in Eye care services and bring eye care of International standards within the reach of every individual by augmenting the dimension of eye care and treatment sphere with superior quality techniques and most advanced technology and extend equitable and efficient Eye care to underserved people.
Our vision is to deliver world-class eye care with a service focus by creating an institution committed to the highest standards of medical & service excellence and patient care.




Excellence in Eye Care 
Quality patient care and satisfaction is foremost at the hospital.
The moment a patient steps through our doors, a system swings into action. From comprehensive documentation to a complete eye examination, followed by specialist attention where needed, our attention is fixed on the individual who needs care.  The examination rooms are equipped to handle all subspecialties, which means the patient stays in one place and the specialists come to see him.
It serves as the entry point for patients needing specific eye related medical or surgical services. Once evaluated comprehensively, each patient is advised a highly individualized treatment plan to ensure optimum compliance with his/her personal and professional requirements. With us, you will find specialists who are pioneers in their field not just by what they treat, but also how they treat you. Each doctor is capable of handling a multitude of cases and offers that extra expertise to deal with what very few can claim mastery over. The multidisciplinary expertise and managed care protocols implemented ensure care of not just primary disorders of the eye but also eye problems related to other systemic diseases like diabetes, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions, stroke etc.
Ours is a pioneering center for micro phacoemulsification CATARACT SURGERY and LASIK SURGERY.

With the varied set up of highly sophisticated equipments and technology, we have a team of highly qualified Ophthalmologists with us. Our team includes Anterior segment Surgeons, Glaucoma specialists, Vitreo Retinal Surgeons, Oculoplasty Surgeons (for Plastic Surgery around the Eye), Squint Specialists and Paediatric Ophthalmologists, all performing different types of Eye surgeries at our hospital.
Till date more than a lakh of successful Ophthalmic Surgeries have been performed at our Hospital with consistent results.




Aggarwal eye hospital has been discharging its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by taking various external initiatives through our registered charitable trust Aggarwal Eye Foundation (AEF) and also partenering with several reputable NGOs. Our aim is to help members of the society and create awareness of eye care and exhibit our concern through high-impact eye health programs.
The Trust now broadens its sphere of activity by addressing one of the most fundamental rights of every human being: the right to live with good vision(see the world clearly). Aggarwal eye hospital has been using it’s professional expertise for improving quality of life and bringing the upliftment in the lives of the underprivileged therefore giving us a feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

The Community activities being carried out by AEF include:

School Screening Program

Eye Screening Camps in association with NGOs, Empanelled companies and Corporate.

Ocular health awareness camps.

Eye donation awareness camps.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening & awareness camps.

Glaucoma Screening and awareness camps.

Talk shows, media coverage to spread awareness about eye health

Associated NGOs





We are also associated with numerous NGOs and extend our ophthalmic services to their beneficiaries. We conduct regular eye screening camps with them. Some of the NGOs with whom we are associated are:

Lions Club of Millenium

Lions club of Marol

Rotary Club

Bhagini sanskar parishad

Commitment to Society

To provide quality care at concessional rates to deserving people.

To improve awareness for healthy eyes.

To organize community Eye Care programmes, seminars and eye camps.

To provide eye treatment practically with no hospitalization.


State of the Art Technology
The infrastructure comprises of examination rooms, diagnostic and therapeutic chambers and operation rooms with state-of-the-art equipment. All Subspecialties of the Eye are available under one roof:

Cornea and Anterior Segment


LASIK & Refractive Surgery

Contact Lens



Paediatric Ophthalmology


Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

Ocular Prosthesis



Low Visual Aids

AEH’s diagnostic infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art centre for diagnostics using computerised imaging systems.