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In 1900, the Christian Medical College was begun by Ida S. Scudder, an American teacher, as a one-bed center to serve ladies. In 1902, she constructed the 40-bed Mary Taber Schell Memorial Hospital for ladies and youngsters, named after the giver’s significant other. The site is presently CMC Schell Campus, which houses the Eye Hospital and Low Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU). The primary emergency clinic moved to the present area in the Thottapalayam region of Vellore in 1924 and treatment was stretched out to men also. At present CMC has 2300 beds on four destinations, with all specialties. Patients from all over India and the world want treatment. The Christian Medical College Association is a non government, private, between denominational Christian association. The object of the Association is the foundation, upkeep and improvement of a Christian Medical College in India where ladies and men will get a training of the most noteworthy evaluation in the craftsmanship and study of Medicine and Nursing or in one of the Allied Health callings, to prepare them in the soul of Christ, for administration in the alleviation of misery and the advancement of wellbeing. The CMC people group today is comprised of an intriguing and various gathering of individuals,- understudies and workforce originate from all over India. Guests originate from Australia, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Kenya, the Middle East, New Zealand, USA and numerous different nations. The exchange between shifted individuals and societies gives a fulfilling and animating background.

The Medical College is in Bagayam, around seven kilometers south of the emergency clinic and the town of Vellore. CMC works free, private transports between the two, and there are visit open transports, which charge low passages. To utilize the institutional transport you will be required to get a go from the workplace of the General Superintendent.


The grounds resembles a recreation center, with winding streets prompting noble stone structures where young fellows and ladies live and think about medication. Personnel and school overseers carry on the instructive undertaking started by Dr. Ida in 1918. Situated on the 200-section of land site are every one of the lodgings for restorative understudies, associated wellbeing understudies and other postgraduate understudies. The branches of pre-clinical sciences are additionally on the College Campus. There are 3 understanding consideration units: the Community Health Department (CHAD), which runs the 80 bed CHAD emergency clinic, the Rehabilitation Institute for physically tested people and the Mental Health Center (MHC), which is CMC’s Department of Psychiatry, and which incorporates Nambikkai Nilayam, an instructional hub for slow-witted youngsters. What’s more the College Campus obliges the homes and lofts of numerous CMC staff individuals, just as the Big Bungalow (the living arrangement worked for Dr. Ida, which presently fills in as a visitor house for guests), the Big Bungalow Annexe, and different living arrangements for guests and volunteers.


In the event that you live on the College grounds, you would appreciate a morning or a night walk. A guide of the grounds is incorporated into this guide for bearings.

The principle emergency clinic is arranged amidst Vellore town. It is a concentrated urban complex of multi-storied stone and solid structures. Outside the doors is the loud, dusty Indian avenue thronging with individuals, vehicles and animals, all vieing for matchless quality. You should be extremely watchful when endeavoring to cross the street.


The emergency clinic complex is the site for clinical preparing for every one of the understudies, just as the area of the College of Nursing and different Allied Health Sciences programs. Huge elevated structures give lodging to specialists, medical attendants, ministers, nursing understudies, and other clinic staff and guests. Every single clinical division are on the emergency clinic grounds, aside from the Ophthalmology Department and the LCECU, which are situated at the Schell Eye Hospital on a different grounds 2km south of the Main Hospital, and the Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs (RUHSA), a thorough incorporated country wellbeing and improvement venture, found 26km North West of Vellore.


A duplicate of “The Official Guide to CMC”, which gives point by point data about numerous different exercises, especially with respect to the clinic, is accessible on installment of Rs.20 from the Public Relations Office (PRO) at the Hospital. It would be ideal if you meet the Deputy Director for International Relations in the clinic grounds, who will orchestrate a voyage through the medical clinic.


Vellore town is the base camp of Vellore District. The number of inhabitants in the town and its environs is around 300,000. It is a promoting community for a genuinely prosperous horticultural region. The roads are fixed with little shops and swarmed with individuals, cyclists, autos, transports, lorries and animals. There is a thirteenth century fortress in the focal point of the town, inside which there is a fascinating substantial Hindu sanctuary, a mosque and a congregation. The fortress has had a notable impact in Indian history. Hindus, Muslims and Christians live joyfully next to each other in this pluralistic culture.


Vellore is 60 meters above ocean level, arranged 140km. south west of Chennai and 200km. east of Bangalore. Vellore is on the fields encompassed by low, rough slopes. It is a tropical territory. The temperature ranges from 20C in the winter a very long time of Dec.- Feb. to 43C in the mid year long stretches of Apr.- June. The atmosphere is basically hot, being blustery and moist just at the seasons of the two storms: June-August and October-December. Streets wind up sloppy amid the rainstorm downpours.