Dr. Vikas Satwik


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Dr. Vikas Satwik has more than 16 years of experience. His advantage incorporates preterm neonatal consideration, care of fundamentally sick neonates, coordinated formative consideration and parental advising preparing; he has broad working knowledge in top college emergency clinic in UK, Cambridge, Norwich, Southampton and Sheffield. He finished his preparation under the Cambridge University.

He has been with parenthood clinic since most recent 3 years and oversaw very wiped out neonatal preterm under 28 weeks, complex careful and cardial cases. He was a piece of the group that created progressive parental advising gathering of India out of the blue called “Get ready” – for directing guardians of preterm babies.

He is a mentor for specialists in neonatal revival and has prepared pediatric postgraduate learners from London and Cambridge under Royal College of pediatrics and youngster wellbeing.

Dr. Vikas Satwik normally gives address in neonatal meetings and trains specialists being used of ultra sound in Neonatal and cardiology.