Dr. Subhash Agal


About Us

Dr. Subhash Agal has more than 25 years of clinical experience in Gastroenterology and GI Endoscopy. He was Head of Gastroenterology Centre and guide for post-doctoral course in superspeciality degree of Gastroenterology (DNB Gastro) at Jagjivan Ram Hospital, Mumbai Central for six years. His special field of interest is Interventional GI Endoscopy which includes Luminal as well as Biliary and Pancreatic Therapeutic Endoscopies. Endoscopic Pancreatic Necrosectomy for Infected Necrosis of Pancreas is one such complex therapeutic procedure with excellent outcomes in his expert hands. Dr. Agal has routinely performed ERCP for very demanding procedures like CBD Stone Removal, CBD Stenting, Pancreatic Duct Stone Removal and Stenting, and for placement of self-expandable metallic stent in inoperable esophageal, pancreatobiliary and gall bladder malignancies. He is also dexterous at other intricate interventions related to upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy like dilatations of strictures, polypectomies, variceal banding and glue injections, achalasia dilatation etc.

He is also very competent to do paediatric endoscopies – both diagnostic and therapeutic. He has done the maximum number of paediatric endoscopies in Western India. Variceal banding, sclerotherapy, foreign body retrievals, polypectomies are some of these procedures which are routinely performed by him with excellent outcomes. He has done numerous percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomies in infants and children who fail to thrive because of congenital abnormalities of oral cavity, congenital heart diseases, neurological defects etc. The PEG procedure has been done by him successfully on infants weighing as little as 3 kg.

Dr Agal has also been regularly doing Liver Fibroscan for detecting and prognosticating chronic liver diseases of various etiologies.

KDAH Experience
Dr Agal has performed more than 23000 endoscopic procedures of all kinds (age group 2 months to 98 years) during his tenure at Kokilaben hospital since the year 2009. These also include somne of the most complex endoscopic procedures like pancreatic necrosectomy, pseudocyst drainage, minor duct stenting for pancreas divisum, removal of giant polyps etc.