Dr. Sanjay Kumar H.R.

General Physician

About Us

Decade long mastery and proof based moral methodology all in all medical procedure!

A general doctor and diabetologist second to none, Dr. Sanjay Kumar H.R. accompanies near a time of involvement when all is said in done drug. As a General Physician and Internal Medicine master, Dr. Sanjay has turned out to be famous because of his own which he brings while connecting and recommending treatment for his patients.

Dr. Sanjay finished his MBBS from VIMS College, Vijayawada. From there on, he proceeded to finish his MD in General Medicine from Mysore Medical College.

He is likewise appended to Bangalore Medical College in the Dept. of Medicine functioning as an associate educator.

On the off chance that you are anticipating meet a specialist and very experienced general prescription master, Dr. Sanjay Kumar is the perfect decision for you. Book a moment arrangement online with the master now!