Dr. Annu Aggarwal

About Us

Dr. Aggarwal graduated with an MBBS from LTM Medical College, Mumbai and obtained her postgraduate degree in Internal Medicine from TN Medical College, Mumbai. She worked as Intensive Care Unit Associate at Hinduja Hospital before joining Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai. There she specialised in neurology and was awarded the Diplomate of the National Board (Neurology) from the NBE, New Delhi. Recently she was awarded the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians of UK (MRCP (UK)) by the Royal College of London.

After being awarded DNB (Neurology) Dr Aggarwal continued at Jaslok Hospital as a postdoctoral fellow, and developed a new paradigm to diagnose and treat people with Wilsons Disease, including a clinical scale to assess disease progression and treatment response. Her other work during this period involved the management of neurological diseases resulting from liver failure and iron deposition in the brain, and an epidemiological study of Parkinsons Disease among Parsees residing in Mumbai.

In 2008-09, Dr. Aggarwal was a postdoctoral fellow in cognitive and behavioural neurology at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), Adelaide. She was also affiliated with the University of Adelaide, Department of Medicine and the South Australian brain rehabilitation services at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. At RAH she studied the problems of hallucinations in people with Parkinsons Disease, violent behaviours in sleep (REM behaviour disorders), memory impairment, problems of mobility in patients with Downs Syndrome, and respiratory problems in people with neurodegenerative diseases.

KDAH Experience
Dr Annu Aggarwal is a senior consultant neurologist at KDAH, where she deals with brain and nervous system disorders. These can be genetic or arise due to brain injuries, infections or degeneration; they can strike suddenly or develop slowly over time; and can manifest themselves not only as cognitive problems but also with impairment in vision, gait or even behaviour. Therefore, early and accurate diagnosis and intervention are essential for recovery. Dr Aggarwal with her 25 years experience in medicine, aided by state-of-the-art laboratory, neuroimaging, surgical and rehabilitative resources available at KDAH, is dedicated to providing the best of care to patients with neurological ailments.

Dr Aggarwal specializes in caring for people with cognitive, behavioural, and memory problems. Such problems can develop with aging, as a result of neurodegenerative dementias, and are increasingly common with an ageing population. They can also be seen in younger patients due to neuro-metabolic disorders such as Wilson disease, epilepsy, neurodegeneration or other. Dr Aggarwal is at the forefront both in treating patients with such disorders, and in developing better diagnosis and treatment strategies for improving their care.

Specialist Clinics
Dr Aggarwal runs the Wilson Disease Clinic and Alzheimer & Memory Clinic at the Kokilaben Hospital.

The Alzheimer and Memory Clinic at KDAH is a specialist clinic for people with neurological problems that result in decline in memory, confusion, difficulty in speech and understanding, change in personality, aggressive behaviour, hallucinations, or depression and problems in mobility. The clinic offers a comprehensive dementia care program including neurology consultation, physical and cognitive rehabilitation, psychotherapy, speech therapy and gait training. Since cognitive and behavioural problems affect the family along with the patient, we also offer family counseling services, help target rehabilitative goals and equip the family for KDAH supported long-term home care.The Wilson disease Clinic at KDAH is the first clinic in the country dedicated to providing care to patients with Wilson Disease. The clinic was launched to fulfill the unmet need for early diagnosis and specialist care to patients and families with Wilson disease.
The Clinic offers a comprehensive care program including neurology and liver-specialist consultation, physical and cognitive rehabilitation, psychotherapy, speech therapy and gait training. Since Wilson disease is a familial we also offer family counselling services, screening of siblings and genetic counselling.
In the six years from its inception, KDAH has established itself as the centre for excellence for Wilson disease and largest centre for care of patients with Wilson disease in the world. The Clinic currently serves over 250 families with Wilson disease, from various parts of India as well those from other countries in South Asia and the USA. In addition to providing direct patient care, the Clinic supports physicians and centres involved in care of patients with Wilson disease within India, as well as in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, China, USA, Germany and the UK.